I just discovered this band rauberhohle (rubber cave)  they have roots in Germany and japan, and are one of the strangest, crude but awesome bands i have herd of.
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A lot has changed since i last posted any thing for one thing i am changing colleges and moving to Berkly. I've also become obsessed with little giffs like...

Fashion wise, I've been getting into clothes from Liz lisa ( a gyaru brand) and pink hose ( an old brand that is often worn by morigirls
and said to of been one of the things to originally influence loli) but don't worry lolita's still my main squeeze.
but my loli tastes have changed slightly, I have always loved BTSSB the most through out the years but recently MILK and Emily Temple cute have caught my eye recently. I love the simple sort of kitsch prints that they have come out with which is strange for me because I used to dislike prints most of the time. Another thing that i have been preoccupied with is shopping online let me shamelessly now show off what i have bought this year:
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